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bosch she55m12uc

Bosch she55m12uc is an energy star qualified full console dishwasher with five wash levels and three options. With noise levels of 47 db, it is one of the quietest dishwashers in its class. It has got useful features like the Aquastop leak protection, 19-hour delay start timer, Red Remaining Time Display, 14 Place Setting Capacity, Multi-function LED with remaining time, Duo-Flex silverware basket and so on. This is one of the popular dishwashers from Bosch.

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Bosch she55m12uc Dishwasher Features & details

Stainless Steel Tall-tub

Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher is made of high quality stainless steel. Dishwashers made of stainless steel tubs retain heat better than plastic tubs. This helps in better efficiency in cleaning & good drying performance.  The stainless steel tubs come with a lifetime warranty against rust-through.  The silver painted Fascia in the stainless steel creates a pleasing ambiance.

Half Load Option

This option can be used for small loads. When you want to wash lightly soiled loads which fill half of the dishwasher’s capacity, then half load option present in Bosch she55m12uc is a useful feature. This option uses special sensors to reduce energy & water consumption dramatically.

AquaStop® Protection

This is a special leak protection available in Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher. In fact, Bosch dishwashers are the only ones with a high technology leak protection among all brands of dishwashers. AquaStop is a special sensor system that is precisely engineered to detect leaks in the molded base of the bosch she55m12uc dishwasher. If  it detects any leaks, it shuts down the dishwasher operation immediately. It then pumps water out of the dishwasher automatically. AquaStop leak protection eliminates any risk of costly damage due to water leakage.

RackMatic® Basket height Adjustment

The RackMatic & RackMatic Plus upper basket height adjustment present in Bosch she55m12uc provides for easy adjustment of the racks when loading the dishes. You can customize the loading flexibility of the dishwasher to accommodate tall glassware & large plates in 2 easy steps.

Extra Tall Item Sprinkler

With this innovative extra tall item sprinkler present in Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher, you need not hand-wash your large dishes anymore. You can place your tall items like refrigerator shelves, cookie sheets, serving plates & hood filters in the bottom rack by removing the top rack of the dishwasher. You can fit tall dishes that are up to 22 inches high in the bottom rack of the dishwasher with this extra tall item sprinkler

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Delay Start Timer

There is a 19 hour delay start option present in Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher to accommodate your schedule. You can set the delay timer to start the dishwasher up to 19 hours later.

Quietness of Bosch she55m12uc Dishwasher

With sound levels as low as 47 decibels, it is difficult to find another quieter dishwasher than Bosch she55m12uc.

Efficiency of Bosch she55m12uc

This dishwasher is Energy star qualified. This symbol is a must nowadays for dishwashers to prove their energy efficiency.  Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher can save upto 280 gallons of water every year. This dishwasher can exceed energy star requirements for water by up to around 70%. usage of energy is reduced by another 20 percent by EcoSense™. The presence of the half load option also reduces water & energy consumption remarkably.

Duo-Flex Silverware Basket

The duo flex silverware basket in Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher provides for greater flexibility while loading the dishes. This basket can be placed anywhere in this Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher and can be divided into pieces.

Express Wash Option

This option in Bosch she55m12uc will be helpful if you want some dishes to be washed very quickly. The washing time can be as low as 30 mins. or even lesser than that.

Delicate Wash Option in Bosch she55m12uc

There is also this delicate wash option in this Bosch she55m12uc dishwasher which is suitable for cleaning delicate glassware, fine chinaware & stemware without any damage to the dishes.

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