Danby ddw1899wp Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

danby ddw1899wp

Danby ddw1899wp is an energy star portable dishwasher with 6 different wash cycles and 8 place setting capacity. Being 18 in. wide, danby ddw1899wp takes very less space in your kitchen. It has got castors built-in which helps in portability.

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Danby ddw1899wp Energy Star Dishwasher Features & details

Wash Cycles in Danby ddw1899wp

There are six washing cycles in danby designer ddw1899wp energy star dishwasher. It features an intensive wash cycle (can be used for heavily soiled dishes likes casseroles, pots & pans), normal wash cycle (for normally soiled items like plates, glasses), economy cycle (for lightly soiled loads), rinse cycle (when you simply want to rinse and dry dishes), Rapid wash cycle (for very lightly soiled loads when you want to wash them very quickly) and soak cycle. There is a knob to select wash cycles which you have to turn clockwise.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

The rinse aid dispenser is used in danby ddw1899wp during the final rinse to prevent the formation of water droplets on your items which can sometimes leaves spots & streaks on your dishes. The rinse aid dispenser also helps in drying of your dishes by allowing water to “sheet” off the dishes.

Danby ddw1899wp dishwasher is designed to use liquid rinse aids. The rinse aid dispenser is present inside the dishwasher door next to the detergent dispenser. To fill the rinse aid dispenser, open the dispenser cap ( turn the cap and lift out) and pour the rinse aid into the dispenser until the level indicator turns completely black. Make sure not to overfill it. Then replace the cap.

Dishwasher racks

The upper rack of the danby ddw1899wp energy star portable dishwasher can hold delicate & lighter dishes like glassware, coffee cups, tea cups & saucers. It can also hold small plates, bowls & shallow pans. You have to place the dishes such that they don’t move when water is sprayed.

The lower rack of the danby ddw1899wp dishwasher can accommodate larger items such as pots & pans, lids, serving plates, bowls etc. Sometimes, it is better to place the serving plates on the side of the racks to prevent the blocking of rotation of the spray arm. Pots & pans should be placed top-down. Deep pots should be placed in a slanted way to let water flow. The lower rack also features fold down tine rows to load larger pots.

Silverware Basket

There is a silverware basket in danby ddw1899wp with handles at the bottom. If the dishwasher rack has side baskets, then the spoons must be loaded individually into the slots. Long utensils must be placed horizontally at the front of the upper rack.

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Filtering System

Danby ddw1899wp has a main filter in which food particles captured are pulverized by a special jet on the lower spray arm and then allowed to pass down the drain. It has a coarse filter for larger items like pieces of glass or bone which can clog the drain. These are trapped by the coarse filter. Then the dishwasher has a fine filter to hold food residue in the sump area. The fine filter prevents re-deposition of the food particles on the dishes during a cycle.

Detergent dispenser

Danby ddw1899wp dishwasher uses less detergent than other dishwashers. Normally, one spoon of the detergent is enough for normal washing. For certain heavily soiled dishes, you may have to add more detergent. The detergent dispenser in danby ddw1899wp must be filled before the start of a wash cycle. It is a good practice to add the detergent just before starting the dishwasher, not earlier than that. This is because the detergent can become damp and may not dissolve properly.


Danby ddw1899wp energy star dish washer has built-in castors which makes it easy to be moved around. Portability. This Danby portable dishwasher also takes up less place because of its width.

Water-softener System

Danby ddw1899wp energy star dishwasher has a built-in water softener system to remove hard minerals present in water.

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