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ge gdwf160rss

GE GDWF160RSS is an ENERGY STAR Qualified full console dishwasher which is highly recommended if you are planning to buy a brand new dishwasher. It has a long list of  features like the full console control panel, 5-stage water filtration system, Special CleanSensor, saniWash cycle, Piranha food disposer etc. It is very well built to clean the most difficult jobs. GE GDWF160RSS is highly durable because of its stainless steel finish. The stainless steel finish also gives the  ge gdwf160rss dishwasher its sleek appearance.

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Real Customer Reviews of GE GDWF160RSS Full Console Dishwasher

ge gdwf160rss review

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GE GDWF160RSS Product Features & details

GE GDWF160RSS is a Stainless Steel Dishwasher

The GE GDWF160RSS dishwasher is made entirely of stainless steel. Since the dishwasher is fully stainless steel, its tub is resistant to hard water, resistant to stain & corrosion. Stainless steel makes the dishwasher tub last longer. There is not much noise generated during the operation. Stainless steel is a good reflector of heat, hence the dishwasher functions very efficiently. The stainless steel interior of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher gives it a lasting beauty and lustrous finish.

GE GDWF160RSS is a Full Console Dishwasher

Full console dishwashers are quite popular nowadays. This kind of a dishwasher has at the top of the dishwasher door a control panel. Full console dishwashers are popular among the lower priced dishwasher models like this GE dishwasher GDWF160RSS. Full console dishwashers like GE GDWF160RSS have a nice top and can set off by themselves.

Built-in Installation type

GE GDWF160RSS is a built-in type dishwasher. There are quite a lot of benefits to a built-in type dishwasher as compared to a portable dishwasher or a stand alone dishwasher. Built-in dishwashers like GE GDWF160RSS look good in your kitchen. They look seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinet thus saving a lot of kitchen space. These built-in stainless steel dishwashers are usually bigger and can accommodate larger dishes. Unlike Portable dishwashers, built-in dishwashers do not become sort of an eyesore after a while in your kitchen.

Built-in dishwashers are more energy-efficient than the other kinds of dishwashers. They also perform a better cleaning job than other dishwashers. However, since these dishwashers are permanently fitted into the kitchen, moving them when you are shifting your house would be a concern. This built-in ge gdwf160rss General Electric dishwasher generates very less operational noise as compared to a portable or countertop dishwasher from other brands.

PureClean Wash System

The PureClean wash system of the GE GDWF160RSS dishwasher features a five stage filtration process. These multiple filtration stages ensure comprehensive washing of your dishes. The PureClean wash system of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher helps remove even the smallest, minute dirt stuck on your dishes.


These are special sensors attached to the interior of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher. The CleanSensor helps maintain the right temperature required for cleaning. CleanSensor is a special technology that is used to determine the amount of water, heat & total time needed to run each load of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher. It helps in adequate and efficient usage of energy and resources.

CleanSensor uses a tiny laser to detect the amount of dirt residing and thus can determine whether to extend or shorten each cleaning cycle of the ge gdwf160rss. The cleanSensor mode is indicated by a signal on the control panel. The time needed to complete the cleaning cycle thats shown on the control panel display can increase or decrease to signify the change in the duration of the cycle.

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SaniWash Cycle

During the Saniwash cycle, water/steam is heated upto 155 degrees for sometime inside the dishwasher. This high temperature makes sure to rid the dishwasher tub of 98-99% germs. This cycle is useful in sterilizing the dishes after the regular cleaning cycle by making the water inside very hot. Usage of the SaniWash cycle in the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher is optional. It is recommend to be used on baby bottles and dishes.

The saniwash cycle of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher is NSF certified to remove harmful bacteria & germs.

2-4-8-Hour Delay Start

This delay start option helps you schedule the time of the operation of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher. You can use the 2-4-6-hour delay start option to run the dishwasher during off-peak hours. You can add items to the load anytime during the delay countdown.After adding the dishes into the dishwasher, you must make sure to close the dishwasher door firmly. The delay countdown will not continue if you have not latched the dishwasher door properly.

To delay the start of the dishwasher, close the dishwasher door, press the ‘DELAY START’ button 1 time for 2-hour delay, 2 times for a 4-hour delay or 3-times for a 6-hour delay before the start of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher.

Strong Nylon racks

Dishwasher racks are usually made of nylon or vinyl. GE gdwf160rss features nylon racks. Nylon racks are actually more expensive than vinyl racks. But nylon racks are more durable than vinyl racks. Nylon racks are resistant to stains, scratches, rust and cuts. In dishwashers having other cheaper kinds of racks, you will find the white coating of the racks coming off easily when you use your finger nails over the racks. But thats not the case with nylon racks. Using nylon racks in dishwashers has become the industry standard now.

Nylon racks provide good cushion to the dishes. Nylon racks hold your dishes firmly in place thus preventing rattling of your dishes inside the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher.

Piranha Hard Food Disposer

GE GDWF160RSS has something called Piranha food disposer. Piranha disposer grinds hard food into tiny food particles. These food particles can then be easily washed away thus eliminating the need of pre-rinsing of the dishes.

The integrated piranha food disposer can reduce large food chunks into very small chunks which are then passed through the drain thus preventing them from re-entering the dishwasher at a later stage of the cleaning cycle in the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher.

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Automatic Temperature Control

This feature of the ge gdwf160rss dishwasher helps determine the water temperature and increase the temperature when needed. This ensures the water is hot enough to activate the detergents used for cleaning the dishes. It ensures spot-free dishes.

Steam Pre-Wash option

The steam pre-wash option of the ge gdwf160rss helps loosen the tough soils before the start of any cleaning cycle.

Control type

GE GDWF160RSS has an electronic control type with 9 touchpads. It has front controls.

Water Filtration System

GE GDWF160RSS has a self-cleaning five stage filtration system. It has this special ExtraFine™ filter.

Dishwasher Rack features

GE GDWF160RSS dishwasher rack has 1 Piece silverware basket with 3 cell covers, Ball-Tipped Tines and two plastic utility shelves.

Dishwasher Drying Features

GE GDWF160RSS has Calrod heater and Convection Dry to provide better drying performance.

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