Maytag MDB7749AWM Built-in Dishwasher

maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher

Maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher is an ENERGY STAR Qualified jetclean plus dishwasher which is highly recommended if you are planning to buy a brand new dishwasher or change your old dishwasher. It has quite an impressive, long list of useful features with a 10-year limited warranty. It is extremely well built to clean your toughest jobs. Its exceptional appearance and quality drying performance makes it a worthy contender for anyone looking to buy an effective dishwasher.

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Maytag mdb7749awm Product Features & details

Tub Interior made of Stainless Steel

The tub interior of the Maytag MDB7749AWM dishwasher is made of 100% stainless steel. This makes the dishwasher resistant to corrosion & staining. Maytag stainless steel dishwasher tubs can resist hard water, offer good sound damping, conserve heat which helps to dry the dishes quicker. Stainless steel tubs are durable, easier to maintain, much quieter. Since stainless steel reflects heat better, the tubs function more efficiently during drying cycles. Stainless steel tubs save energy and protect items which are sensitive to heat. Stainless steel also has anti-bacterial properties.

14 Place Setting Capacity

The 14 Place setting capacity of the Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher help fit dishes of different sizes properly into the cleaning compartment. It provides enough space to clean a lot of your glasses, plates, bowls in one go.

SteamClean option

The steamClean option in Maytag MDB7749AWM employs high temperature steam to weaken bonds between the plates and the muck. Once the bond is broken, a simple rinse would wash all the muck away. At the end of the clean cycle, 24 minutes are added to employ the high temperature which removes the most stubborn spots and residue  on your dishes. This helps this built in dish washer deliver AMAZING cleaning performances.

High Pressure Spray Jets

These high pressure jets employed in Maytag MDB7749AWM make it possible to reach those places which are very difficult to reach otherwise. These spray jets focus three times the pressure of water to eliminate tough food particles stuck on soils. This removes the need of pre-rinsing.

Maytag mdb7749awm is ENERGY STAR Qualified

ENERGY STAR has guidelines for saving energy. Some Maytag dishwashers have this ENERGY STAR symbol on them. This Maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher is one among them. This means that this Maytag dishwasher uses very less energy. This helps in protecting the environment. For the user, less energy usage means money saved. Even if this dishwasher is costlier than other dishwashers without this symbol, it helps purchasers save money on the electricity bills through better energy efficiency.

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JetClean Plus Wash System

The Wash system of the Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher makes sure that you clean your dishes thoroughly the first time itself. You need not put them through repeated cleaning cycles.

QuietSeries 400 Sound Package

This is a quality sound reduction package. It means that the noise generated by the dishwasher during its operation is very minimal. The sound level is as low as 56 decibels which makes Maytag MDB7749AWM one of the quietest dishwashers around.

2X Life tested motor

The Maytag dishwasher motor is tested twice the normal cycle and average usage. This means that the cleaning delivered is highly reliable and the motor is highly durable. Lasts long.

Auto Clean Plus Cycle

It uses special sensors which automatically regulates the temperature and the time taken during wash. This helps deliver optimal cleaning performances.

Premium Dark Duraguard Nylon Racks

These are strong racks made up of Duraguard Nylon. This helps prevent scratches & damages on your dishes. It also helps resist rust. The premium dark colour reduces stains on your dishes. These racks also help in the durability of the Maytag MDB7749AWM dishwasher. The nylon racks are perfect for glassware and other similar dishes.

Strong Grip Tiered Upper Rack

This upper rack makes sure there is enough room for tall dishes & heavy bowls. It is made of Duraguard Nylon & hence it is resistant to dust and durable. This rack also provides easy access to the dishes.

NSF Certified Sanitize Option

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is a non-profit foundation that certifies food industries. It is of paramount importance to buy dishwashers which are certified by NSF to ensure effective cleaning & sanitization of the dishes. Maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher is certified by NSF.

Dimensions (WHD)

This Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher has a width of   23 7/8 inches, height of  34 1/2 inches and depth(thickness) of 24 1/2 inches.

Dishwasher Weight

Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher’s weight is 95 pounds.

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Additional features of Maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher

Monochromatic Design

The monochromatic console design of the Maytag MDB7749AWM dishwasher makes it look sleeky. Maytag mdb7749awm has a CEE Tier II rating, This rating makes this Maytag stainless steel diswhasher one of the most efficient cleaning systems for home usage.

Split & Fit™ Silverware Basket

The silverware basket in Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher can be used to fit any loading situation since it can be divided into two halves.

Three kinds of Wash cycle

This Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher has a heavy wash cycle which makes it ideal for heavily soiled utensils like pans, casseroles etc. It also has a light Wash Cycle making it suitable for cleaning lightly soiled dishes like bowls, cups etc. It also has a normal wash cycle for cleaning moderately soiled dishes.

Heated Dry Option

You can choose the heat setting during the drying cycle. The dishes become completely dry when they are taken out of this Maytag stainless steel dishwasher.

Control Lockout

This feature helps lock the controls of this Maytag dishwasher preventing unwanted & accidental operation.

Precision Clean™ Turbidity Sensor

This sensor regulates the water temperature, food soil, amount of detergent used and helps deliver optimal & effective cleaning results.

Microprocessor Controls with Touch Pads

These touch pads help in seamless selection of wash cycles with effortless press of the buttons.

Removable Upper Rack

The upper rack can be easily removed which means that you can fit tall items in the lower rack

Stack-Rack Shelves

These shelves provide for greater flexibility while loading dishes into the Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher.

2-4-6 Hour Delay Start Option present in Maytag MDB7749AWM

You can schedule the operation of your dishwasher using this feature with 2-4-6 hour delays before the start of the machine.

Durable Latch

This door latch prevents the dishwasher door from opening when the washing cycle is going on. It prevents leakage of water.

Rinse-Aid Dispenser

This improves the drying action of the Maytag MDB7749AWM built-in dishwasher.

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