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whirlpool gu2475xtvy

Whirlpool GU2475XTVY is an ENERGY STAR Qualified fully integrated dishwasher that is highly recommended if you are planning to buy a brand new dishwasher. With 6 automatic cycles & 5 spray levels, this whirlpool stainless steel dishwasher does all the work to deliver efficient cleaning results for you. This fully integrated dishwasher can handle a wide range of dishes starting from casserole dishes to delicate glassware & silverware.

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Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher Product Features & details

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy is a Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher is designed in such a way that it fits seamlessly into your kitchen cabinet. If you want to hide the existence of your dishwasher, then the Whirlpool gu2475xtvy built-in dishwasher would be one of the perfect choices for you. This dishwasher can be concealed by your kitchen cabinetry completely offering no access to the control panel visually.

Its entire door is a single door that goes from top to bottom. The dishwasher controls are located along the edge of the door or just inside the door which means that you can still operate the dishwasher controls even though the front part of the Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher is covered.

Being fully integrated means that your Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher looks like another drawer in your kitchen so that the dishwasher doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in your house.

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy is a Stainless Steel Dishwasher

This stainless steel Whirlpool dishwasher has got this premium appearance because its made of 100% stainless steel. Stainless steel reflects heat very well, thus rendering efficiency to the dishwasher’s cleaning. This Whirlpool stainless steel dishwasher can resist corrosion, stains & hard water.

Fully Integrated Electronic Controls in Whirlpool gu2475xtvy

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher has got fully integrated electronic controls which are completely hidden on the interior door panel giving them smooth appearance. The control pads are smooth & easy to use requiring effortless touches. The control pads are very easy to clean as well. These hidden electronic controls gives the Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher a sophisticated & sleek look on the exterior. Since the controls are hidden, accidental operation of the dishwasher is prevented.

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Dimensions of Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher

This Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher has a width of 23 7/8 in., height of 34 1/2 in. & depth of  24 1/2 in.

Dishwasher weight

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher weighs 95 pounds. It is the shipping weight of this dishwasher.

Quiet Partner IV Sound Reduction System

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy features a Quiet Partner™ IV sound package. This sound reduction package offers 5 levels of quiet operation of the dishwasher. Noise generated from the dishwasher is minimal & doesn’t interrupt your conversations at home. The Quiet Partner™ IV sound reduction package in Whirlpool gu2475xtvy ensures silent & smooth dishwasher operation in the background. The sound levels are around 57 db.

PowerScour Option present in Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher

The PowerScour option ensures efficient cleaning of your dishes. It employs 36 targeted spray jets to tackle baked-on foods eliminating the need of soaking or scrubbing of the dishes using sponges. This option covers a large area in your Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher without using additional water.

The PowerScour wash area is present at the back of the lower dish rack in your Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher. When you select this option, the spray jets are activated and intensified water spray is provided to the back of the lower level rack. The PowerScour option offers a concentrated wash to your casserole dishes, pans etc., with tough food soil stuck on them. The PowerScour option may add heat and wash time to the cleaning cycle in your Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher.

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SheerClean Direct Feed Wash System

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher has a 5-level  wash system known as the SheerClean Direct Feed Wash system. It channels water out of the top & back of the dishwasher to clean the dishes efficiently from 5 different angles. It produces sparkling clean dishes after every load. It keeps the wash water very clean.

SheerClean Direct Feed Wash System in Whirlpool gu2475xtvy doesn’t use a tall, space consuming central tower inside the dishwasher allowing lots of space for pots, pans and other dishes. This wash system allows the dishwasher to collect dirty water through the back draining ports and inject fresh water into the dishwasher for cleaning from 5 different angles. This makes sure that always clean water is used in every cleaning cycle of this whirlpool stainless steel dishwasher.

Pots & Pans Cycle

This cycle offers powerful cleaning performance for dirty pots & pans by adding extra time to the cycles in this Whirlpool gu2475xtv dishwasher. This cycle is supposedly the longest running cycle in the dishwasher since it is used for the most tough cleaning jobs. This cycle uses more water & may add extra heat to make the water much hotter to provide deep cleaning performance.. Apart from pots & pans, this cycle can be used to clean glassware & silverware perfectly which other cycles may fail to clean properly sometimes. It can also wash china & stemware.

Energy Star Symbol

Whirlpool gu2475xtvy dishwasher uses the Energy Star Qualified symbol on it which means that this dishwasher meets government standards to help conserve energy & natural resources and save money on utility bills.

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